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MB-ZT-200 Automatic Paper Bucket Forming Machine

MB-ZT-200 Automatic Paper Bucket Forming Machine

MB-ZT-200 automatic paper bucket forming machine (paper bucket machine) is a kind of disposable paper bucket making machine suitable for producing single or double side PE coated super paper buckets, such as KFC packaged bucket, popcorn bucket, fries bucket, etc. It is developed on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology and designed according to the market requirement. The paper bucket forming machine is an automatic multi-station machine with photocell detection, failure alarming and counting functions. Paper bucket machine runs a series of procedures as following: automatic paper feeding, sealing, bottom punching, two-step bottom heating, knurling, silicone oil lubricating, curling, bucket discharging, etc.

1. MB-ZT-200 automatic paper bucket forming machine is characterized by unique appearance, easy operation, stable working and simple maintenance.
2. This paper bucket machine can produce paper buckets with the height of 200 mm. It is the best choice for manufacturing paper buckets.
3. For packing, our company adopts wooden cases for sea transportation.
4. The paper bucket forming machine includes automatic high speed paper bucket making machine.
5. Lantytk® paper bucket machines have gained the CE specific certification.

Technical Parameters

Specification 28 to 190 oz
Material 180 to 500 gsm, PE Coated Paper
Production Capacity 25 to 35 pcs/min
Total Power 380 V, 50 Hz ,13 kW
Air Source 1 cbm/min
Weight 3300 kg
Overall Dimension 4600 mm × 2100 mm × 1700 mm (L × W × H)

Lantytk® Corp. is a professional manufacturer of paper bucket machines in China. In addition to paper bucket forming machine (paper pail machine), our company also offers paper cup machine, paper bowl machine, paper plate machine, die cutting machine, cup lid machine, flexo printing machine, etc. Our paper bucket machines have been exported to Jordan, Algeria, Qatar, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Libya, Russia, and so on. They are highly appraised by customers both home and abroad.

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