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  • MB-350 Plastic Cup Lid Forming MachinePlastic cup lid machine or plastic cup lid forming machine adopts fully automatic blow molding or plastic suction molding, punching and die cutting required by users. This cup lid making machine enjoys advanced technology and features safe and simple operation that will reduce labor consumption. Possessing economical and practical properties, it is widely applicable to the production in food, medicine and hardware...
  • MB-420 PLC Controlled Automatic Cup Lid Forming MachineMB-420 PLC controlled automatic cup lid forming machine is mainly used for molding and punching of plastic products, such as HIPS, PS, PVC, PET, etc. It is a new type of automatic cup lid making machine that combines advantages of several types of main forming machines and also brings to more improvement and innovation. Unwinding, molding, punching, blanking and rolling can be done synchronously. MB-420 cup lid forming machine (cup lid making machinery) adopts special feeding...
  • Automatic Paper Lid Forming MachineAutomatic paper lid forming machine is also called automatic paper cup cover machine or automatic paper lid making machinery. It is mainly used for manufacturing covers with different shapes, such as ice cream cup lids and jewellery box lids. Its main parts include gearbox, reduction gear and American hot melt adhesive box. This equipment adopts advanced molding technology to complete a variety of molding processes and to completely replace the manual procedures...

Cup Lid Machine

Cup lid machine can match with paper cup machines. This cup lid forming machine can be broadly used for forming covers or lids of coffee cups, ice cream cups, soup cups, noodle paper bowls and many other paper cups or paper bowls. Lantytk® cup lid machine has functions of automatic paper feeding, forming, constant temperature control, auto-counting, and so on. Our cup lid forming machines mainly consist of plastic cup lid making machinery and paper cup cover machine. They have gained the CE certification and will have better production effect when combined with paper cup forming machine.

Features of Cup Lid Machine
1. Lantytk® cup lid forming machine features fast speed, compact configuration, stable running, easy operation, low rejection rate and convenient maintenance.
2. The cup lid making machinery possesses variable frequency speed regulating function and PLC circuit control panel.
3. Our cup lid machines adopt mechanical hand for feeding materials and realize accurate synchronization.
4. The cup lid forming machine can process materials like PS, PET, PP, and so on.
5. Our company can design any mould according to customers’ requirements.

Working Procedures of Cup Lid Making Machinery
Preheating---Thermoforming---Punching---Die Cutting---Automatic Stacking

Lantytk® Corp. is a professional manufacturer of cup lid forming machines in China. In addition to cup lid making machinery, our company also offers paper cup machine, paper bucket forming machine, paper plate machine, die cutting machine, paper bowl machine, flexo printing machine, etc. Our cup lid forming machines have been exported to Jordan, Algeria, Qatar, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Libya, Russia, and so on. If you have interest in our cup lid forming machines, please feel free to contact us.