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  • MB-980 Automatic Paper Roll Die Cutting MachineMB-980 automatic die cutting machine is our latest product. It is an ideal choice for paper cup or printing factories to cut paper rolls to sheets through wooden dies. One set of paper roll die cutting machine can meet needs of 15 paper cup forming machines. This automatic die cutting machine is PLC controlled, and it feeds paper rolls driven by servo motor. Users can preset the die cutting method by either following the color code or setting the cutting length. This paper roll die cutting machine is very practical for both printed and non-printed paper rolls....
  • J-DC930 Automatic Paper Roll Die Cutting MachineJ-DC930 automatic paper die cutting machine is ideal equipment for various types of paper, such as PE coated paper. It is widely used in printing, packing and paper cup production. Driven by the speed reducing motor, the paper roll go through a reverse device, and under the control of servo motor then feeding the flat type die cutting device, the feeding length could be set by the touch screen, convenient and precise. The magnetic powder brake we adopt the pneumatic clutch...
  • MB-CQ-850 Automatic Punching and Die Cutting MachineMB-CQ-850 automatic punching and die cutting machine is equipped with PLC touch screen control system. It adopts micro-computer to regulate speed, servo motor to feed paper and uses the photo sensor to track and collect materials. This kind of die cutting equipment can also realize punching and cutting at a high speed by setting certain length or tracking printing color code. The mould is imported from South Korea with durable ...
  • J-DC750 Automatic Platen Die Cutting MachineJ-DC750 automatic platen die cutting machine adopts worm structure, PLC control and touch-screen design. Under the traction of stepper motor, reel paper (web) is sent to the platen die cutting device. The feeding amount can be set through the screen conveniently and precisely. Blank paper and printing paper can both be die-cut. The reel paper die cutting machine uses pneumatic clutch, which contributes to fast and reliable operation. It also improves production with high quality...
  • MB-800 Creasing Die Cutting MachineCreasing die cutting machine is a kind of special equipment for cutting various ordinary cardboards, corrugated boards, plastic sheets and leather products. This flat press indentation line cutter is applicable for printing, packaging, plastic production, and so on. The creasing and cutting machine enjoys the advantages of compact structure, stable performance, high precision, convenient use and safe operation...

Die Cutting Machine

Automatic die cutting machine is the ideal equipment matched with flexographic printing machine. It is an indispensible device for flatten paper cup forming. This die cutting equipment adopts reel paper feeding, efficient and precise die-cutting and automatic stacking. It can work in accordance with standard and preset length. Featuring easy operation, long service life and high efficiency, Lantytk® die cutting machine has become an ideal equipment in the production of paper cups. Our die cutting equipment mainly includes automatic roll punching die-cutting machine and automatic roll platen die-cutting machine.

1. Lantytk® die cutting machine adopts automatic punching cutting technology. It can make slitting, die cutting and clearing waste paper together. This machine can improve the utilization rate of raw materials and finished goods effectively.
2. Die cutting equipment can largely reduce the consumption of manpower and worker’s labor intensity.
3. Die cutting machine is an ideal device for cutting many kinds of paper containers, such as disposable paper bowl, paper cup, paper box, label paper, and so on.
4. Controlled by PLC, die cutting equipment can automatically operate the whole working procedures. Workers can get the detail information about the speed, the motor power, the amount of paper, and so on.
5. Lantytk® automatic die cutting machine adopts famous imported parts. It can run stably, locate correctly and can be operated safely, reliably and easily.
6. Adopting professional high definition gas feeding paper structure and distinctive electronic protector, this die cutting equipment can automatically feed paper and collect paper orderly.

Lantytk® Corp. is a professional manufacturer of die cutting machines in China. In addition to die cutting equipment, our company also offers paper cup machine, paper bucket machine, paper plate machine, paper bowl machine, cup lid machine, flexo printing machine, etc. Our products have been exported to Jordan, Algeria, Qatar, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Libya, Russia, and so on. Lantytk® die cutting machines are well received by customers all over the world.