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Paper Cup Forming Machine

Paper Cup Forming Machine

Paper cup forming machine is a kind of multi-station automatic molding machinery. This disposable cup making machine is an ideal device for producing beverage cups, tea cups, coffee cups, advertising paper cups, market paper cups, ice cream paper cups or other disposable cone type food paper containers. The frames of it are manufactured utilizing metal and sourced from reliable vendors of the market. Paper cup forming machines possess photoelectric detection, fault alarm and counting functions. Lantytk® is offering a superior range of disposable cup making machines including single or double PE coated paper cup making machine, ultrasonic double side PE paper cup machine, PLC controlled high speed paper cup machine and cup top flatten machine.

1. Lantytk® paper cup forming machine is installed with an optically controlled non-contact switch, which ensures safety of machine and operator.
2. Our disposable cup making machines have gained CE certification
3. Micro computer controlled inverter of the machine controls speed regulation
4. This automatic paper cup machine is equipped with a photoelectric tracing system
5. The paper cup forming machine employs high quality bearings.

Our disposable cup making machines are mainly applied for producing disposable paper cups.

1. Keep greasy dirt away from the paper, die and roller.
2. Paper cup forming machine should be located away from paper scraps, dust accumulation or plastic rolling.
3. Clean accessory materials regularly.
4. Sanitation and cleanliness of the disposable cup making machine should be maintained.
5. A fixed schedule should be kept to clear and wipe the paper cup forming machine.
6. A fixed schedule should be maintained to clean lubricated places and lubricate them with grease and machine oil.

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Lantytk® Corp. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of automatic paper cup forming machines in China. Our accumulated technologies and experience guarantee the highest quality products at very competitive prices. In addition to this disposable cup making machine, we also provide paper bowl machine, paper bucket machine, paper plate machine, die cutting machine, cup lid machine, flexo printing machine, etc.