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ZWT-35 Automatic Paper Cup/Bowl Outer Sleeve Forming Machine

ZWT-35 Automatic Paper Cup/Bowl Outer Sleeve Forming Machine

ZWT-35 automatic paper cup/bowl outer sleeve forming machine is a multi-station automatic paper cup/bowl forming equipment adopting frequency control. This paper cup/bowl sleeve machine covers a series of procedures including automatic paper feeding, ultrasonic welding, double cylinder positioning, manipulator transmission, automatic gluing, putting bowls, veneering, etc. The paper cup/bowl outer sleeve forming machine is developed and designed according to the market demand. It can produce direct paste cup/bowl, corrugated cup/bowl and two-layer cup/bowl.

1. ZWT-35 paper cup/bowl sleeve machine has functions such as automatic paper feeding, side sealing by ultrasonic, glue spraying, automatic bonding to lower cup/bowl, automatically paper cup/bowl connecting, photocell detection, failure alarm, counting, etc.
2. This paper cup/bowl outer sleeve forming machine adopts advanced technology and features reliable design, stable performance, convenient maintenance and simple operation.
3. Its main part includes motor, gear box, ultrasonic system and hardened cam.
4. The paper cup/bowl sleeve machine is also characterized by small occupying area and high working efficiency.

1. People are forbidden to be close when the machine is running.
2. The paper cup/bowl outer sleeve forming machine is easy to operate. One person can complete the whole procedures.
3. The mechanical moving parts should add oil daily and butter-grease every 15 days. All screws or chains of the paper cup/bowl sleeve machine must be checked carefully and locked tightly.

Packaging and Transportation
We use wooden cases to package paper cup/bowl outer sleeve forming machines, which is convenient for sea transportation.

Parameters of ZWT-35 Paper Cup/Bowl Sleeve Machine

Paper Cup Size 8 oz to 35 oz  
Speed 45 to 50 pcs/min
Raw Material 200 to 350 gsm, single PE coated paper or varnished cardboard paper
General Power 1.5 kW
Electricity 380 V, 3 phases or 220V, 1 phase
Weight 800 kg
Measurement 2.06 m × 0.80 m × 1.05 m
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