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MB-T09 Callipo Tube Forming Machine

MB-T09 Callipo Tube Forming Machine

Our company is recognized as one of the foremost manufactures and suppliers of callipo tube forming machine in China. It can automatic feed paper fan and weld by ultrasonic wave (binding the cup wall), oil, cup top rolling bottom sealing (by ultrasonic), cut the bottom to be curve, discharge the waste edges automatically, and finished tube delivery in a continually process, test through photoelectric cell, and alarming upon encountering troubles and counting. It is a good equipment to produce ice cream cups (tubes). There are two set of ultrasonic in this callipo tube forming machine.

1. Automatic control adopts optically controlled non-contact switch.
2. Micro-controlled inverter.
3. Step-less speed adjustment.
4. Easy changing molds to produce different sizes paper cups.
5. Easy operating (one operator is enough).
6. The callipo tube forming machine is easy to maintain with minimum cost.
7. Cheap operating cost and low investment.


Raw material Single side and double side PE(polyethylene) film coated paper
Suitable paper weight 170--250 gsm
Max cup top diameter 50 mm
Max cup length 200mm
Angle 2-4°
Speed of making paper cups 40 -50 pcs per minute
Total power 5 KW
Power source 220V AC
Whole machine weight 1200 kg
Appearance size(L × W × H) 2260 × 1030 × 1900 mm
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