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RB-850 4-6 Color Flexo Paper Cup Printing Machine

RB-850 4-6 color flexo paper cup printing machine (paper cup flexo printing machine) adopts ceramic anilox roll for transferring ink. Discharging and receiving materials are both controlled by magnetic powder brake and clutch control. Japan Mitsubishi automatic tension controller is optional for customers. Each printing unit of this printing machinery adopts 360 degrees circular adjustment and each printing unit has a set of infrared drying device. When the paper cup printing machine stops working, the ink roll can be automatically separated from it and runs in low speed to prevent ink from drying. The main motor of paper cup flexo printing machine adopts imported stepless frequency control. In addition to printing machinery, we also offer RB-650 4-6 color flexo printing machine. Our company makes use of wooden cases for sea transportation. We will try our best to provide the optimum flexographic printing machine for our customers.

Features of RB-850 4-6 Color Flexo Paper Cup Printing Machine
1. Lantytk® paper cup flexo printing machine features superior performance, high speed, high chromatic accuracy and high efficiency.
2. Paper feeding, printing, polishing, auto infrared drying, laminating and rewinding can be finished once.
3. RB-850 4-6 color paper cup printing machine is the most ideal model for printing commercial bills, high-grade self-adhesive trademarks and paper cups.

Main Configuration of RB-850 4-6 Color Paper Cup Flexo Printing Machine
1. Each color with a textured ceramic roll
2. Each color with a printing roll
3. Magnetic powder brake (magnetic particle brake) 50
4. Magnetic powder brake 100
5. Mitsubishi tension controller
6. Per color with a set of infrared drying device
7. Rubber roll
8. Pneumatic components
9. Main motor

Parameters of RB-850 4-6 Color Flexo Paper Cup Printing Machine

Printing Speed 50 m/min
Printing Color 4-6 color
Max. Width of Roll Paper 850 mm
Max. Unreeling Diameter 1300 mm
Total Power 13 kW
Registering Accuracy ±0.15 mm
Max. Printing Width 850 mm
Printing Girth 160 mm to 370 mm
Max. Winding Diameter 1300 mm

Lantytk® Corp. is a professional manufacturer of flexo paper cup printing machines in China. In addition to paper cup flexo printing machine, our company also offers paper cup machine, paper bucket forming machine, paper plate machine, die cutting machine, paper bowl machine, etc. Our products have been exported to Jordan, Algeria, Qatar, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Libya, Russia, and so on.

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